Hotel Door Lock System Price Analysis: 7 Tips Help You Save $10,000

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If so, you must know what hardware the intelligent card hotel lock system includes and the prices of each product and service, choosing the proper hotel door lock hardware to serve your hotel and better control costs.

Especially when trying to upgrade or replace your current hotel lock system, you have to consider the cost of the replacement or upgrade.

Hotel Door Lock System Price Analysis 7 Tips Help You Save $10,000 on Hotel Lock System

This article will systematically introduce the smart card hotel door lock system prices’ various components, including necessary hardware, optional hardware, and software: customization, installation, transportation, replacement, repair, and other costs.

After understanding the price, we will give eight tips and suggestions for purchasing an intelligent card hotel lock system to help you better control costs and save the hotel lock system cost of 10,000 US dollars.

Note: the following hotel door lock system prices are retail prices of installation service providers worldwide and do not represent actual hotel lock manufacturers‘ prices.

Hotel Door Lock System Price-Basic Hardware

The standard necessary hardware of a complete hotel door lock system includes hotel locks, card encoders, room RFID cards, management software, and data collectors.

What Hotel Electronic Lock System Components and Usefulness of Each Component?

Hotel Door Lock Prices by Different types

The hotel lock is the core component of the hotel key card system, and its primary function is to lock the guest room door. And hotel door locks are divided into RFID hotel door locks, Bluetooth apartment door locks, or Airbnb smart locks.

1, RFID Hotel Door Locks Price

Most hotels use RFID hotel door locks, and standard RFID smart card locks are divided into Mifare and Temic hotel locks. The specific prices are as follows:

  • MIFARE hotel locks: generally $30-$100 per unit.
  • Temic hotels lock $20-$80 per unit.

The price of MIFARE hotel door locks is slightly higher under normal circumstances than that of the TEMIC hotel.

Hotel Door Lock System Price Analysis: 7 Tips Help You Save $10,000 5

The difference is that the Temic hotel lock can only use the corresponding TEMIC card for simple operations such as opening the door and taking electricity.

In contrast, the Mifare card hotel lock can use the Mifare card to open the door, take electricity, and be used for hotel elevator control and restaurant dining. The gym is operated, waiting for a card.

2. Bluetooth Apartment Door lock price

Bluetooth apartment door locks are mainly used in apartment hotels and Airbnb hotels.

Because this type of lock often comes with Bluetooth and APP, it is particularly suitable for remote management of apartment hotels, Airbnb rooms, and house rentals.

Standard smart apartment door locks include Bluetooth apartment locks and fingerprint apartment door locks.

Hotel Door Lock System Price Analysis: 7 Tips Help You Save $10,000 6

The Bluetooth smart locks for apartments or hotel rooms need to be installed with an APP management system, and a gateway and WIFI are required to achieve networking.

The most significant advantage of a Bluetooth electronic apartment door lock with a mobile phone APP is performing remote management operations on the Bluetooth lock.

Note that this type of apartment lock has a corresponding mobile phone app. The APP is usually free to use by default.

The price of an apartment Bluetooth lock is generally:

  • Bluetooth apartment door lock: $60-$120 per unit.
  • Fingerprint apartment door lock: $80-$200 per unit.

For more information about Bluetooth smart locks for your hotel, please check our TTlock smart locks and TThotel mobile check-in lock system.

RFID Hotel Door Locks Price by Different Materials

Different materials of RFID hotel door locks also affect their price, and the commonly used materials of RFID hotel locks are mainly stainless steel and zinc alloy.

1. Zinc Alloy Hotel Door Lock Price:

The texture of zinc alloy material is relatively soft and comfortable to forge and process. Zinc alloy hotel door locks are often used for high-end, luxurious, and fashionable hotel door locks.

Hotel Door Lock System Price Analysis: 7 Tips Help You Save $10,000 7

However, zinc alloy materials are slightly inferior in rust resistance and are easily damaged by severe external shocks and external forces compared with stainless steel.

Therefore, the zinc alloy hotel lock must be surface treated after casting to avoid corrosion and rust.

Simultaneously, zinc alloy hotel locks are unsuitable for hotels near the sea or under bad weather conditions.

The average zinc alloy hotel lock price is $40-$110 per unit.

2. Stainless Steel Hotel Lock Price:

Hotel locks with stainless steel panels are more sturdy than zinc alloys, and stainless steel has better corrosion and violent resistance.

Especially in modern hotels, the locks with stainless steel panels have excellent anti-drilling, fireproofing, and electric saws.

Hotel Door Lock System Price Analysis: 7 Tips Help You Save $10,000 8

Therefore, stainless steel hotel door locks are suitable for outdoor hotels, beach hotels, or hotel locks with harsh weather conditions.

The average price of stainless steel hotel locks is 60-130$ per unit.

The price of stainless steel hotel locks is slightly higher than that of zinc alloy.

Hotel Lock Price by Different Lock Mortise

Since the standard and thickness of hotel room doors in each country may differ, doors of various thicknesses often use hotel locks with varying lock mortise. There are two common types of lock mortise for hotel locks, the US lock mortise and the European lock mortise.

Hotel Lock Price by Different Lock Mortise

Hotel locks with American lock mortises are mainly suitable for 38-65mm wooden and perforated iron doors.

Hotel locks with European lock mortise are mainly suitable for wooden doors with a door thickness of less than 38mm.

  • The hotel locks’ price is generally $40-$80 per unit with US standard lock bodies.
  • Hotel locks with European-style lock bodies are slightly more expensive, ranging from $45-$85 per unit.

Hotel Key Card Encoder Price

A hotel key card encoder‘s primary function is to place the corresponding room card on the key card encoder after connecting to the hotel lock system management software through the USB interface. The software can perform customer housing operations on the room card, such as writing Enter the customer’s personal information, use room number, use time, and other information.

The hotel card reader/encoder can be divided into a desktop hotel key card encoder and a mobile handheld hotel card reader.

Desktop Hotel Key Card Encoder Price

Desktop hotel key card encoders are mainly used in traditional hotels that require card-issuing operations at the front desk. Hotel lock system management software is convenient after the front desk is connected to the computer.

According to the RFID card type, the primary desktop hotel key card readers are the Mifare and the Temic key card encoder.

Desktop Hotel Key Card Encoder

The Mifare hotel door card reader is mainly used to read and write the room card using the Mifare card hotel lock system.

The Temic hotel key card encoder performs card reading and writing operations on the room card using the Temic hotel lock system.

  • The price of a Mifare card issuer is generally between $90-$140 per unit.
  • The Price of TEMIC card issuers is generally between $80-$120 per unit.

Mobile Handheld Hotel Card Reader Price.

Mobile key card encoders are mainly used for apartment hotel locks and rental houses that do not have a front desk to facilitate the landlord’s operation of the room card. The price of mobile handheld card issuers is much higher than desktop card issuers.

  • The general price of a mobile hotel key card encoder is $200-$300 per unit.

Hotel Key Cards Price

The primary function of the hotel key card is to open the door after the corresponding card-writing operation. It can also be used in some hotels to power the room after using the hotel elevator and inserting the room power switch.

Hotel Door Lock System Price Analysis: 7 Tips Help You Save $10,000 9

According to different hotel lock systems, there are generally two types of room cards: TEMIC room hotel key cards and MIFARE room hotel key cards.

  • A MIFARE hotel key card costs $2-$5 per piece.
  • The TEMIC hotel key card price is $1-$3.

But in some cases, some high-end hotels need to customize the design of the room key card, such as printing the hotel design pattern, LOGO, and other information on the hotel key card. The corresponding room card customization service is required, and there will be additional designs—and printing costs.

The card customization price differs from hotel lock manufacturers, which may differ slightly according to the card printing content. The card customization cost is standard: each card +1 US dollar, MOQ is 500.

The excellent news is that ShineACS locks will provide preferential customization services. We will not charge customization fees when purchasing more than 200 room key cards, only a one-time printing fee of $60.

Hotel Lock Data Collector Price

The hotel lock data collector mainly collects the door’s opening and closing data for better maintenance and related maintenance work.

The hotel lock data collector used differs depending on the door lock system.

Hotel Lock Data Collector Price

The Mifare RFID-based door lock system uses a Mifare S70 card to collect the door opening and closing data. The TEMIC hotel lock system uses a 125KHZ data collector for data collection.

  • The MIFARE S70 capture card price is generally $5-$10 per piece.
  • The cost of a TEMIC data collector is generally $60-$90 per piece.

Hotel Lock System Software Price

The hotel lock system management software‘s primary function is to perform guest check-in operations and management at the hotel’s front desk, including reservation, registration, room arrangement, room exchange, room card arrangement, critical card loss, etc.

Hotel lock system software can also perform various information queries, report generation, and printing.

Hotel Door Lock System Price Analysis: 7 Tips Help You Save $10,000 10

Under normal circumstances, the hotel lock suppliers will provide hotel lock system management software for customers to use for free, but some powerful brands may charge a certain fee.

  • Namely, hotel lock management software fee: $0

Simultaneously, some customers will request related customization services for the hotel lock system management software, additional functions, company information, and LOGO operations.

  • Customizing hotel lock management software costs between $1,000-$2,000 per set.

Note: the entire system cannot be used commonly with the hotel lock system management software and the card issuer.

It would help if you also asked the hotel door lock system supplier for the software’s registration code before the software was registered to be used.

  • The registration code is generally charged annually. The annual price is between $200-$500 per license.

However, ShineACS Locks will provide customers with a registration code that can be used for free forever, ensuring that we can use our hotel key card encoder and hotel lock management software for as long as possible.

Besides, some large-scale or chain hotels require the hotel locks to be used on their own PMS or APP. The hotel lock supplier needs to provide the SDK of its hotel lock system management software.

The SDK is also charged, and the systems supported by different manufacturers’ management software are other.

  • WINDOWS SDK cost: $500-$700 per set.
  • MOBILE SDK cost: $1000-$3000 per set.

Please note: The hotel lock system software from the hotel lock supplier can only complete simple customer check-in, room arrangement, check-in time, and other work-related door locks.

If your hotel needs more complete functions, such as booking, payment, and other parts for large chain hotels, you must now find and buy more powerful hotel software.

At this time, we recommend using Hotel Management Software from HotelFriend.

Smart key card hotel door lock system price-Optional accessories:

Besides the necessary hotel lock system products, hotel lock systems generally include other optional products, such as elevator control systems, key card switches, hotel door closers, electronic door plates, and safes.

These optional products can bring more convenient services to the hotel and a more comprehensive living experience. Similarly, a better understanding of the hotel door lock system’s optional accessories prices can help you make better choices and save money.

Hotel Elevator Control System Price

The hotel elevator control system is mainly used for customers’ corresponding elevator use management.

Only the guests with the hotel room card can use the elevator after swiping the card inside the elevator and performing the corresponding room floor.

Using the hotel elevator control system can ensure guests’ safety as much as possible and avoid dangerous and disturbing behaviors.

Hotel Door Lock System Price Analysis: 7 Tips Help You Save $10,000 11

The hotel’s elevator control system is divided into a power supply, card reader, and hotel elevator control panel. And most hotel lock system suppliers will provide a complete hotel elevator control system.

A complete hotel elevator control system costs $200-$600 per set.

Note: To allow hotel guests to use the same room card as much as possible to use the hotel elevator, open the room door, and insert the card to obtain electricity.

Please buy hotel door locks, elevator control systems, and key card hotel energy-saving switches from the same hotel lock system supplier as much as possible.

Because different hotel card lock suppliers have other system encryption methods, buying the above parts from various suppliers is not recommended. Otherwise, two or more cards will use the elevator and open the door.

Hotel Key Card Hotel Energy Saving Switch Price

The key card hotel energy-saving switch is an essential product of the modern smart card hotel lock system.

Its primary function is to insert the room card to power the room after the guest enters it. The room card must be removed to cut off the power when going out to ensure the hotel room’s safe.

At the same time, the hotel’s energy-saving switch saves more electricity for the hotel.

There are mainly key card power switches, 13.56 Mhz Mifare card power switches, 125Khz ID card power switches, and standard hotel card switches.

Hotel Key Card Hotel Energy Saving Switch Price

ShineACS Hotel Energy Saving Switch 

The 13.56 Mhz key card switch can only be used in hotel rooms that use the Mifare card lock system and can only read the Mifare room card.

The 12Khz key card power switch can only be used in hotel rooms that use Temic or ID card hotel lock systems and can only read 125Khz room cards.

The typical hotel card switch can use any card inserted to get electricity and can be used without being compatible with the room card.

  • A 13.56 Mhz Mifare card power switch costs $15-$35 per unit.
  • A 125Khz ID card power switch costs $10-$25 per unit.
  • A standard hotel card switch price is generally $5-$15 per unit.

Hotel Door Closer Price

The hotel door closer’s primary function is automatically closing the door under hydraulic pressure after the hotel guest opens it.

While ensuring the safety of the hotel room key card system, the cushioning effect of the closed door can effectively protect the door frame and body.

Hotel Door Closer

Commonly used hotel door closers are exterior-mounted and built-in top door closers.

The door’s width, weight, and type are essential factors that affect door closers’ selection.

  • Small door closer: suitable for wooden hotel doors with a door width of 700-900mm and a door weight of 25-45KG; the price is between $20-$35 per unit.
  • Medium-duty door closer: Suitable for wooden hotel doors with door widths of 700-1000mm and door weights of 45-65KG, the price is between $25-$40 per unit.
  • Heavy-duty door closer: Suitable for hotel fire doors with door width 900-1300mm and door weight above 65KG; the price is between $30-$45 per unit.

Some wooden doors on the market are trying to replace the traditional door closer with an interfold closer hinge.

This interfolds closer hinge is simple to install, compact, and seamlessly replaces your traditional door closer, such as Waterson self-closing aluminum interfold closer hinge W41K.

And, because almost all hotel room doors have fire-rated and ADA code issues, I suggest you use Waterson K51M closer commercial close hinge.

K51M is one of the best solutions to fire-rated and ADA code issues.

Hotel Safes Price

The primary function of hotel safes is to protect the safety of some vital property of hotel guests. It is an essential part of hotel room safety.

Generally, hotel safes are insignificant and can only be placed in closets or drawers to protect customers’ small cash, jewelry, accessories, etc. Valuable devices, such as high-value digital appliances.

Hotel Safes

Furthermore, most guests want their privacy respected and do not bother the hotel attendants or front desk. This is why the hotel safe is safe and convenient.

Hotel Safe can help improve hotel rooms’ security protection level and make guests feel more relaxed. Free! It also protects the interests and reputation of the hotel.

Hotel safes generally use a nine-digit numeric keyboard as password protection. Because the types of safes that hotels can use are limited, their prices are relatively uniform.

The price of hotel safes is $80-$200 per unit.

If you want a trustworthy hotel to save boxes, we suggest choosing the Air Hotel security boxes from Chubbsafes.

Chubbsafes is one of the oldest safes brands in the world. Trusted worldwide, the Chubbsafes solutions have protected the globe for people, cash, and valuables for almost 200 years.

Also, some hotel safes are opened with smart cards in more advanced hotel types: safes that can only be opened with the corresponding room card.

smart card hotel safes

Smart card hotel safes are $100-$250 per unit.

Hotel Electronic Door Plates Price

The electronic hotel door plates are display devices installed next to the hotel room door. It is mainly used to display the room number. It also has do not disturb, cleaning the room, and doorbell.

The electronic door plates will significantly improve guests’ convenience, especially when the hotel cleaning staff must enter the room to clean up.

They need to confirm whether guests in the room are resting on the door display to avoid disturbing the guests’ rest.

Hotel Electronic Door Plates

The electronic door plate is divided into indoor and outdoor displays. The indoor door display mainly has two functions: do not disturb and clean the room.

The outdoor display functions include room number, doorbell, checked-in, and do not worry.

  • An outdoor door display costs $20-$50 per unit.
  • An interior door display is generally between $15-$45 per unit.

Hotel Door Lock Battery Price

Most small and medium-sized hotels on the market use smart card hotel locks, and the power supply of hotel locks generally uses 3 AA batteries.

The battery life of a hotel lock is generally between 6 and 12 months, so the battery will be a component that must be considered.

Hotel lock batteries can be bought everywhere. The price is generally $1-$2 per battery.

Hotel Door Lock Installation Price

If a new hotel needs to install door locks, we do not recommend the hotel staff install them themselves.

Because the installation and commissioning of hotel locks are slightly complicated, the door’s measurement, the hole’s opening, the structure of the lock body, and the installation require professional installation work.

The door may not open and close normally if you install it yourself. The occurrence of situations such as the lock not working.

Hotel Door Lock Installation

Therefore, we suggest that it is best to find a suitable hotel door lock installation service company locally and let them come to install hotel locks.

  • The hotel door lock installation price is generally $150-$250 per hotel lock.

Of course, this price may be unbearable for some small hotels but don’t worry. General hotel door lock system suppliers will provide complete installation documents and video tutorials, or you can install it yourself.

Hotel Door Lock Replacement Cost

In some cases, if your hotel uses an older magnetic card hotel lock or TEMIC hotel lock, you now want to replace the door lock with a more advanced Mifare keycard lock system and consider the price of the new MIFARE hotel lock.

You must also consider whether the new hotel lock can generally be installed in the original installation space.

If not, you were then digging holes again. Would you mind making sure you can find a suitable hotel lock before replacing the door lock for your hotel?

Because there is no need for re-drilling and measuring, only installation work is required, and the price of the replacement door lock for the hotel will be slightly lower than the hotel door lock installation cost.

The cost to replace door locks for a hotel is $100-$200 per lock.

Many factors are affecting the price of installation services. In addition to the size and brand effect of the installation service company, the installation service personnel’s proficiency, the time required to install the lock, the installation location, and the level of security needed must also be considered.

Therefore, it is recommended that the hotel install it again. Before, discuss with the smart door lock installation service company to obtain all the necessary information.

Hotel Door Lock Repair Price

If the hotel card locks in some hotel rooms cannot work, the locks need to be repaired after finding the related problems, such as replacing the corresponding hotel lock parts.

Hotel Door Lock Repair-hotel lock parts

Hotel door lock repair costs are divided into hotel lock parts costs and labor costs. The accessories that hotel locks may damage typically include hotel lock mortise, door lock handle, hotel lock panel, battery, etc.

  • Hotel lock mortise cost: $10-$25.
  • Door handle cost: $3-$8.
  • Hotel lock panel cost: $5-$8.
  • Labor cost: $50-$70.

Hotel Door Lock Shipping Price

In some cases, hotels may not be willing to purchase expensive hotel lock systems from the local area but prefer to import hotel RFID locks from other countries, such as China, so importing them will be much cheaper than buying them locally.

But one problem must be faced: you must ship back from other countries and pay a specific shipping cost.

And because the single weight of the RFID hotel door locks is about 2.5-3.5KG, different shipping methods significantly impact transportation costs.

Hotel Door Lock Shipping (2)

The shipping methods imported from other countries generally include air, sea, and express shipping.

1. Hotel Door Lock Air Shipping Price

The air shipping method is more suitable for hotel lock systems with 50-200 sets of hotel card locks, characterized by a short transportation time, usually within 7-15 days. The hotel door locks air shipping costs $6-$10/kg.

2. Hotel Door Lock Sea Shipping Price

The sea shipping method is more suitable for transporting more than 200 sets of hotel locks. A low price characterizes it, but the transportation time is longer, generally 25-45 days. The shipping price is typically $3-$6/kg.

3. Hotel Door Lock Express Shipping Price

The express shipping method is more suitable for transporting hotel locks with less than 50 sets. The characteristic is that the transportation time is short, usually within 3-7 days, but the price is relatively high. The express price is generally $15-$25/kg.

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