Frequently Asked Questions and Answered By ShineACS Locks Team

Hotel Lock System FAQ

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Usually, about 3-5 years, depending on the material of the lock and the environment of the room.

The 304 stainless-steel hotel lock is more durable and lasts longer. At the same time, in harsh environments, such as rain, snow, wind, and sand, the service life of hotel locks will be shorter.

If the maintenance is good, it can be used for more than five years; if the care is not good, it may be used for longer than three years.

A hotel lock system is a collective name for a set of products used in hotel security.

The primary hotel lock system products include hotel door locks, hotel room cards, card encoders, and management software.

Optional hotel lock system products include collection cards, energy-saving switches, hotel elevator control panels, DND displays, etc.

Customers only need to apply the essential hotel lock system products by default. But also ask whether the customer needs to expand the product.

Please visit this article: What Hotel Electronic Lock System Components and Usefulness of Each Component for more information.

Yes, you can!

Some common areas are between floors in some hotels, such as restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, exits on different floors, or some hotel doors.

To ensure that these public places cannot be entered at will, hotel guests can enter with their room card; installing an access control system corresponding to the hotel lock on these public doors is necessary.

If you have such a need, please get in touch with us. We will provide a public access control system that matches the hotel lock to ensure that hotel guests can enter and exit these areas with their room cards.

Please note: public access control system will include access control card reader, maglock, power supply, and exit button.

Yes, you can!

But if you have multiple different front desks to receive the hotel guests, you will have to make other front desks that can share the same database.

No, you can not.

Different hotel door system suppliers have other encryption systems. Our room card and card encoders cannot be compatible with the hotel locks you already have.

If you insist on using your old hotel locks and want to buy new room cards, card encoders, and hotel lock system software from us, I will suggest you change the main PCB board of your old hotel locks.

You can buy new main PCB boards, room cards, card encoders, and software from us; then, you can use your old hotel locks.


Our hotel lock supports the M1 S50 1443A card of SAK 08 by default.

Both the SAK 28-bit CPU simulation card and SAK 20 CPU card are not supported.


There is no customer requirement for the fireproof performance of hotel locks.

The core of hotel lock fire prevention is that the hotel door must be fireproof.


For the security of the hotel lock system, our hotel lock system is encrypted by default.

But if you have extensive usage and consumption of the room card, you can request a hotel lock system without encryption.

It would help if you bought an encryptor, hotel locks, card encoders, and software from us.

Then you can buy cards from anywhere and encrypt the card with our encryption machine.

Please visit this page, Hotel Door Lock Maintenance: 19 Tips Maintain Hotel Door Lock Well, to know more about maintaining hotel locks.

Card Encoder FAQ

hotel key card encoder is mainly used for issuing guest door open cards in the hotel electronic lock system. It adopts logical, intelligent control to ensure that the smart card reads and writes prescribed procedures to complete operations.

It releases and cancels all cards and has an automatic identification function, which plays a dual role of confidentiality and system software.

The hotel card reader/encoder can be divided into a desktop hotel key card encoder and a mobile handheld hotel card reader.

Desktop Hotel Key Card Encoder Price

Desktop hotel key card encoders are mainly used in traditional hotels that require card issuing operations at the hotel’s front desk. It is convenient to use hotel lock system management software after the front desk is connected to the computer.

  • The price of a Mifare card issuer is generally between $90-$140 per unit.
  • The price of TEMIC card issuers is generally between $80-$120 per unit.

Mobile Handheld Hotel Card Reader Price.

Mobile key card encoders are mainly used for apartment hotel locks and rental houses that do not have a front desk to facilitate the operation of the room card by the landlord. The price of mobile handheld card issuers is much higher than that of desktop card issuers.

  • The general price of a mobile hotel key card encoder is $200-$300 per unit.

Please note:

If you bought all hotel lock system products from us, please check the backside of the card encoder and give the serial number to us.

Then we will offer you a registration code. Then you can use our card encoder and hotel lock system management software.


Even we can offer you a registration code, but you still can not use it for your existed card encoder.

To ensure the hotel lock system is safe, different suppliers will have different encryption for their hotel lock systems.

So you can not use our registration code.

You will have to ask registration code from the supplier that you bought a hotel lock system or card encoders.

Unlike other hotel lock system suppliers, we offer one registration code for free.

You can always use our registration code; our registration code is always accessible and valid.

You will never be worried about such as invalid registration codes and unavailability problems.

Installation FAQ

Yes, you can.

We will offer a hotel lock system installation video and user manual for you.

Here is a video for you:

Also, you can visit our installation service center to know more about how to install locks.

If you bought any smart lock from ShineACS Locks and want to find an intelligent door lock installation service near me, please get in touch with us.

We will offer you our local intelligent door lock installation service partner; then, you can get a professional smart lock installation service.

1, You can install smart door locks by yourself with our lock installation video and guige. The door lock installation cost is free.

2, If you want our smart door lock installation service partner to help you install door locks, the cost of door lock installation will depend on your area, quality, and exact situation.

Generally, the intelligent door lock installation cost is following:

  • Hotel door lock installation cost is about 60-150$ per hotel lock.
  • Fingerprint door lock installation cost is about 150-250$ per lock.

Of course, you can!

Now We are Looking for Smart Door Lock Installation Service Partners, Distributors, and lock Installers from All Over the World!

For more information about becoming our door lock installation service partner, please visit this page:

Looking for Smart Door Lock Installation Service Installer

Became Our Partner Now

Yes, we offer.

By default, only we offer one installation hole drawing for each model.

The installation hole drawing is mainly used to assist customers in opening holes and other operations for easy installation.

Energy Saving Switch FAQ

When a hotel guest enters the room, insert the hotel room card into the key card hotel energy-saving switch to use the room’s lighting, TV, air-conditioning, and other equipment.

When the guest leaves the room, take out the hotel room card (the guest must pull out the room when going out because the guest room needs a door card to open the door when returning to the guest room).

The room’s total power supply will automatically be turned off within 15 seconds, saving electricity and making the guest room safer. If you want to re-power on, insert the room card again.

It depends on your hotel lock system:

If you are using temic hotel lock system, then you will need temic key card energy-saving switches.

If you use the Mifare hotel lock system, you will need Mifare key card energy-saving switches.

Also, there is an ordinary key card power switch; you can insert any card to get power.


The hotel energy-saving switch cannot record the opening and closing time because it is used alone and has no recording function.

Generally, an intelligent lock or intelligent access control system records the time of opening and closing the door. For example, install a smart lock (Bluetooth lock, fingerprint lock, etc.) on the door or an access control card reader.

So if you want to record, please try to replace the door lock or use an access control system.

According to the electrical configuration of the available standard guest room, the power of each electrical appliance in the room is about:

  • Left and right bedside lamp: 25~40W*2
  • Mirror front light: 20W
  • Floor lamp: 25~40W
  • TV: 120W
  • Table lamp: 25~40W
  • Gallery light: 25W
  • Split air conditioner: 1000W
  • The total power is about: 1300W=1.3KW.

According to this power calculation, if the hotel has 100 rooms, each electricity unit is 0.1 US dollars, and each room only needs to save 1 hour of electricity per day.

After adopting the select key card light switch, the hotel will annually save electricity costs: 1.3 kilowatts × 100 rooms × 1 hour/day × 365 days × 0.1 US dollars / per kilowatt-hour = 4745 US dollars.

Hotel Elevator Control FAQ

The hotel elevator control panel is specially developed for the matching of the hotel electronic lock system.

It is used for hotel elevator floor button control. You can directly use the Mifare card issued by the hotel door lock management software.

That is, not only does the elevator require a room card to run, but guests who have a room card can only choose to go to their room floor.

Only the guests who have the hotel room card can use the elevator after swiping the card inside the elevator and perform the corresponding room floor.

Using the hotel elevator control system can ensure the hotel guests’ safety as much as possible and avoid some dangerous and disturbing behaviors.

Please visit this page What is Elevator Access Control System for Hotel Security? for more information.

If your hotel has elevators, and you want to make your hotel room safer.

Also, you want your hotel guests to have a safe and assured living experience; now, you can try to use a hotel elevator control panel.

Note: To allow hotel guests to use the same room card as much as possible to use the hotel elevator, open the room door, and insert the card to obtain electricity.

Please buy hotel door locks, hotel elevator control system, and key card hotel energy-saving switch from the same hotel lock system supplier as much as possible.

Because different hotel card lock suppliers have other system encryption methods, it is not recommended to buy the above parts from various suppliers. Otherwise, two or more cards will be used to use the elevator and open the door.

The hotel’s elevator control system is divided into three parts: power supply, card reader, and hotel elevator control panel. And most hotel lock system suppliers will provide a complete hotel elevator control system.

A complete hotel elevator control system’s price is generally between $200-$600 per set.

Please visit this article section How to choose the hotel elevator access control system? to know more about choosing a hotel elevator control panel?

Management Software FAQ

Yes, You can get free hotel lock management software from ShineACS Locks.

Also, we will offer free hotel lock management software operation video, free registration code, and operation user manual.

You can download our hotel lock management software from our download center: ShineACS Download Center.

The hotel lock management software’s primary function is to realize the hotel’s front desk operation and management, including a series of functional activities such as booking, check-in, room renewal, room exchange, key card loss check-out, etc.

It can also perform various types of information queries, report generation, and Print.

Yes, ShineACS Locks offer a customization service for hotel lock management software.

You can have your company information, logo, contact information, and hotel lock management software background.

Generally, ShineACS Locks offer hotel lock management software for Windows System.

But for some special hotel locks, also you can choose mobile app hotel lock management software and browser hotel lock management system.

There are specifically designed hotel lock software used to program key cards and other types of hotel locks. A variety of users do not know the difference between hotel PMS and hotel lock software.

hotel lock management software would allow your hotel staff to program the key as per the room number, days of the stay, and other essential information about the visit.

While discussing the information with hotel door lock system suppliers, kindly consult the difference between Hotel PMS and hotel lock software to ensure ease of function.

Under normal circumstances, the hotel lock suppliers will provide hotel lock system management software for customers to use for free, but some powerful brands may charge a certain fee.

  • Namely hotel lock management software fee: $0

Simultaneously, some customers will request related customization services for the hotel lock system management software, adding additional functions, adding company information, and LOGO operations.

  • The cost of customization hotel lock management software is generally between $1,000-$2,000 per set.

Note: the entire system cannot be used generally with the hotel lock system management software and the card issuer.

ShineACS Locks will provide customers with a registration code that can be used for free forever, ensuring that we can use our hotel key card encoder and hotel lock management software as long as possible.

Besides, some large-scale or chain hotels require that the hotel locks be used on their own PMS or APP. At this time, the hotel lock supplier needs to provide the SDK of its hotel lock system management software.

The SDK is also charged, and the systems supported by different manufacturers’ management software are other.

  • WINDOWS SDK cost: $500-$700 per set.
  • MOBILE SDK cost: $1000-$3000 per set.

Our hotel lock software does not have a management limit for the number of hotel locks that can be managed.

You can add any number of hotel locks you want.

Our PC hotel lock system software supports English by default.

If you want to customize the hotel lock software and support the language required by your country, we can provide language customization services.

The premise is that you need to translate the English software text provided by us into the corresponding language of the customer before proceeding, and the cost is 400$.

But our mobile hotel lock system software supports English and Spanish.

Free Sample and Test FAQ

YES, you can.

Generally, we can offer one free hotel lock sample for your test.

But you will have to pay for the shipping cost, also may need to pay the possible tariffs, value-added tax, and other fees.

Please visit our free sample page to get a free sample.

Please note:

  • If you refuse to sign for this sample package due to the high customs clearance cost or other customs clearance issues, then the return shipping cost and customs cost will be borne by the sample package receiver!
  • Therefore, please confirm that you clearly understand the local customs clearance policy and cost of your country, and ensure that you will sign for the sample package successfully!
  • Free product samples for hotels door lock, not include the other related hotel lock system products and services, for example, card encoder/writer, energy-saving switch, customized design, installing, etc. If you need, you will need to pay for these hotel lock system products.
  • We will offer free hotel lock system management software and two test cards for your test.

In fact, for the sample to test, you will have two tests optional: A simple hotel lock function test and a complete hotel lock system function test.

1, Simple hotel lock function test

You will just need one hotel lock sample and one engineering test card. This test card will be free and can be used for opening the hotel lock directly.

2, Complete hotel lock system function test.

In order to test the whole hotel lock system function, like issue cards, arrange the room, open hotel lock, room management.

You will need one hotel lock, hotel room cards, card encoder, and hotel lock system software.

Now we just offer one free hotel lock sample, you will have to pay for the rest hotel lock system products.

Then you can completely the test of all functions of the hotel lock system.

Hotel Lock Battery FAQ

First, you can buy hotel lock batteries in your city; they are easy to buy. And most small and medium-sized hotels on the market use smart card hotel locks, and the power supply of hotel locks generally uses 3 AA batteries.

Second, if we ship hotel lock batteries to you, this shipment will require more proof and certification documents; it will be challenging to send them to you.

The battery life of a hotel lock is generally between 6-12 months, so the battery will be a component that has to be considered.

For more information about hotel lock batteries, please visit this article to know more: Hotel Door Lock Battery- What You Have to Know?

Like all other battery-operated door locks, frequent maintenance is required, including the battery’s replacement.

The hotel door lock battery needs to be replaced in time to avoid affecting the guests’ Check-in experience affects the quality of service.

The hotel door lock battery model is usually an AA alkaline dry battery.

According to the battery compartment’s design, there is a difference between 4 batteries and eight batteries.

Please visit this article What Happens When a Hotel Electronic Door Lock Battery Dead? to know more about what you should do when a hotel lock batteries dead.

Hotel Room Cards FAQ

Please visit our page about What is a hotel key card? to know more about this.

Please visit our page Main Benefits of Using Hotel Key Cards to know more.

Please visit our page about Why do hotels use key cards instead of keys? for more information.

If it is a digital key card, ask them for an additional one – you will possibly require the ID as they will not merely offer keys to any individual.

If you stay in an older hotel with physical tricks, they will undoubtedly require you to rekey the lock as they can not offer an insecure room to another guest.

If you have shed your key, get a new one cut so the old one can’t be utilized.

If your secret is in your room or your partner has it, obtain a copy.

For more information, please visit: What do I do if I lose my hotel key cards?

Please check our hotel lock system software operation video to know more about program hotel key cards.

According to different hotel lock systems, there are generally two types of room cards, TEMIC room hotel key card, and MIFARE room hotel key card.

  • The price of a MIFARE hotel key card is $2-$5 per piece.
  • The price of the TEMIC hotel key card is $1-$3.

Although the information stored on hotel key cards is not personal, it generally contains data about your name in a specifically coded security number.

There is some other information regarding the data of accessing and period of access to the room.

So, the answer to your question of “do hotel key cards contain personal information?” is simple. No, it does not contain personal information like your contact details or even address or financial credentials.

Hotel Lock Replacement FAQ

Many hotels on the market use old-fashioned magnetic card hotel locks or TEMIC hotel locks. After some years of use, the hotel’s old door locks can no longer meet modern hotels’ needs.

Now you need to replace your old hotel locks.

  • Hotel door lock installation;
  •       Accurately old hotel door lock measurements
  •       Hotel Door Measurements and Confirmation
  • Hotel lock system management software and hardware compatibility;
  • Improvement function of hotel lock systems problems;
  •      Key Card Hotel Energy Saving Switch
  •      Hotel Elevator Control Systems
  • What Types of Electronic Door Locks for Hotel do You Need?
  • Hotel door lock replacement cost
  •      Hotel lock cost
  •      Hotel management software cost
  •      Hotel key card cost
  •      Shipping cost from China
  •      Hotel door lock installation cost

Please visit this page Replace Door Lock for Hotel Rooms: What Factors Need to be Considered? to know more.

Please visit our page about What to Consider when Choosing a Hotel Door Lock System for more information.

The main cost to replace door locks includes:

  • Hotel door lock cost.
  • Hotel management software cost to replace door locks
  • Hotel key card cost to replace door locks
  • Shipping cost.
  • Hotel door lock installation cost.

Please visit this page to know more: The Cost To Replace Door Locks for Hotel Door.

Customization FAQ

Yes, you can.

We offer two types of logos on hotel locks: Laser marking and Silkscreen.

Laser marking: Only can be used for a single color logo or simple name on the metal surface of the lock body.

MOQ: 100 pcs.

Location: On the mechanical keyhole cover or somewhere else you want.

Price: 0.8$/unit.

Silkscreen: Can be used for color logo or name on the acrylic, glass, metal surface.

Price: 80 US dollars film fee + 0.5 US dollars for each color.


We can do this for you if you want to use your design and print it on the hotel room cards.

MOQ: 200 pcs.

Price: 80$/design template.

When your quantity is more than 500 pcs, the printing cost is free.


But we only can add your company name and logo to the start interface of the hotel lock system software.

Price: 160$

Yes. You can.

We offer two types of logos on hotel locks: Laser marking and Silkscreen.


  • MOQ: 200 PCS
  • Price: 60$/color.

Laser marking:

  • MOQ: 100 PCS
  • Price: 0.3$/pcs.

Bluetooth Lock FAQ

Bluetooth door lock refers to a series of unlocking, managing, and operating the smart lock using the APP after connecting the smart lock and the mobile APP via Bluetooth.

Usually, Bluetooth door lock is not robust as other smart locks because of its poor network connectivity range.

For more information, please visit this page to know more about What are Bluetooth door locks?

Bluetooth equipment is also far more secure than WiFi connectivity smart locks or any other different keyless locks on gadgets.

Due to less use of Bluetooth connectivity, it makes the Bluetooth home door lock more secure.

Also, this Bluetooth keyless door lock and intelligent gadgets with these characteristics need not be continuously linked to the Internet.

For more information, please visit this page to know: Are Bluetooth door locks Secure?

Please visit our page about How To Choose Bluetooth door locks?  for more information

Smart Bluetooth locks can be used for apartments, rental houses, and Airbnb rooms.


To make Bluetooth lock can work online, you need to buy a gateway from us.

For example, you need to do this when you want to control and open Bluetooth locks remote with the internet.

After connecting our gateway with your network, you can use our mobile app to control and operate the Bluetooth lock online.

If you don’t have WIFI, you can still use passwords, cards, and Bluetooth to control and open the door.

Yes, you can.

You can check the Bluetooth lock status from our mobile app. Also you can control and open the lock from our mobile app.

The Bluetooth lock will collect lock operation information automatically.

You can check the lock operation information from our mobile app at any time.

For example, you want to know when the door opens, closes, changes the password, etc.

Our Bluetooth lock mobile app only supports English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Also, our Bluetooth lock mobile doesn’t keep changing language.

No, our Bluetooth lock can only work with our mobile app.


If you want to control and operate your hotel lock system with a mobile APP, now you can use our Bluetooth lock for your hotel.

We offer PC hotel lock system software, mobile app, and Web management program for Bluetooth hotel door lock systems.

For more information, please visit our Bluetooth lock page.

When you want to control Bluetooth lock with our mobile app from the internet.

You will need a gateway to connect your WIFI and Bluetooth lock.

Our gateway coverage area is about 5 square meters.


If you want to control and operate your hotel lock system with a mobile APP, now you can use our Bluetooth lock for your hotel.

We offer PC hotel lock system software, mobile app, and Web management program for Bluetooth hotel door lock systems.

Also, the Bluetooth hotel lock system supports mobile apps, passwords, cards, and keys to open the door.

For more information, please visit our Bluetooth lock page.


Our Bluetooth lock mobile APP supports Alexa and Google Home smart boxes.

You don’t need a gateway if you want to use a smart box because the smart TV has WIFI.

For example, if you want to use Google home smart box to control the Bluetooth lock.

First, make sure the Google home smart box is connected to WIFI.

Then add Google home smart box to our mobile APP. Then add this lock to Google Home; you can use Google Home to control this lock.


We can offer Bluetooth lock mobile app SDK for your development, but it is not free.

The Bluetooth lock mobile app SDK cost is about USD 850, which can be returned when customers purchase over 500 Bluetooth locks.

If you need, after you buy our Bluetooth locks, please get in touch with us to know more details about SDK.


Using our Bluetooth door lock, you can use our mobile app to set a card to open an anti-lock door.

Also, if you are the Bluetooth door lock system administrator, you can open the anti-lock doors directly.

Cabinet Lock FAQ

The electric cabinet lock is a smart cabinet locking device operated by an electric device. Electric cabinet locks are sometimes independent, and their electronic control components are directly installed on the cabinet locks.

The cabinet with an electronic lock can be connected to the access control system if it is used for cabinets such as filing cabinets, sauna cabinets, lockers, kitchen cabinets,, bath center lockers, etc.

For more information, please see What is Smart Electronic Cabinet Lock? for more information.

When you go shopping with your family or friends, you will always encounter the problem that the items you carry are nowhere to be placed. At this time, the RFID Cabinet lock of the locker is essential.

Yes, All smart cabinet locks from ShineACS Locks can be centrally controlled.

Our smart cabinet locks have two working models:

  • Independent working mode: all smart cabinet locks will work independently; you will need to set passwords or RFID cards for each smart cabinet lock.
  • Central control mode: all smart cabinet locks will be controlled by a central software. Then you can issue RFID cards or passwords for your customer and specify which locker will be used for this customer. You can set using time,  maybe 1 hour or 1 day etc. You can see all locker statutes and know which locker is in use or not from our software.

Here are some points you need to consider:

  • Both appearance and function are emphasized.
  • Paying attention to The material, structure, and precision of the mechanical cabinet lock core.
  • Paying attention to security
  • Paying attention to the electronic cabinet lock manufacturer’s brand.
  • Paying attention to usability.
  • Paying attention to the electronic cabinet lock price.

Please visit this page to know How to install a cabinet lock? step by step.

How to Choose FAQ

First, we need to know the common materials used to make hotel locks: Zinc Alloy, titanium aluminum alloy, SUS201 Stainless Steel, and SUS304 stainless steel.

Second, The location of the hotel environment is roughly divided into three types:

  • Indoor environment: All hotel rooms are inside the building, with no contact with wind, rain, snow, etc. Like hotels in the city.
  • Outdoor environment: Hotel rooms and hotel locks are outdoors, contact wind or sand directly, but there are eaves to block rain and snow like hotels by the sea.
  • Open-air environment: Hotel rooms and doors are directly exposed to the outdoor environment, with wind, sand, rain, and snow.


1, Indoor environment hotel rooms: We suggest you use Zinc Alloy, Titanium-Aluminium Alloy hotel locks. Both materials can be used for Indoor environment hotel rooms and work well.

2, Outdoor environment hotel rooms: We suggest using SUS201 Stainless Steel or SUS304 stainless steel hotel locks. Stainless Steel is more corrosion resistant and suitable for outdoor hotel rooms.

3, Open-air environment hotel rooms: We strongly recommend SUS304 hotel lock for you. But if the hotel doors are exposed to outside with rain, wind, and sand for a long time, you still need to lean the surface regularly to avoid the cover rust.

So even the SUS304 hotel lock has better anti-corrosion and anti-rust, we still suggest adding a protective cover.

Generally, most hotel doors are 38-65mm thick.

But if my hotel door thickness is less than 35mm, how to choose hotel locks?

Now you need to choose a hotel lock with a Europen lock mortise.

Recommended models: SL-H2018 

If your hotel door thickness is between 38-65mm, almost all hotel locks with standard lock mortise are ok.

If hotel door thickness is more than 65mm, please let us know, we will arrange lengthened fixing screws for you.

Most hotel room doors are wooden; now you need to consider the door thickness and hotel room environment to choose hotel locks.

But in some hotels, some glass doors with metal frames are used in hotel entrances or public exits.

How to choose hotel locks for hotel glass doors with metal frames?

If you want to use a hotel lock system to allow hotel guests or stuffed to open the door with room cards, now you need to find suitable hotel locks that can be used for glass doors with metal frames.

Since the metal frame of the glass door is narrow, this type of door requires a thinner lock panel.

Also, those metal frame doors in these locations are more likely to be exposed to wind, sand, rain, and snow than the interior hotel room doors.

So this type of lock is also required to use 304 stainless steel material, which is waterproof and resistant to harsh environments, but it cannot be directly exposed to rain, and it is often not very durable.

Suggestion: Please choose a 304 stainless steel hotel lock with a narrow lock panel and lock mortise.

Recommended models: SL-H1018, SL-H1019, SL-H8531.

If you want to replace your old hotel locks with a new hotel lock system, please make sure you offer the following information first.

  • Door Thickness
  • Door material
  • Hotel room location

Then please offer the following parameter of old hotel locks; please check the next image:

All the above parameters will help us choose a suitable hotel lock for your replacement.

There are three operating systems for hotel lock management software: PC software, mobile app, and browser app.

Usually, most management software of the hotel lock system is installed and operated on the PC.

But sometimes, maybe you want to control and manage the hotel lock system with your mobile device or browser, like some apartment hotels or Airbnb hotels.


If you want to control and manage a hotel lock system with your PC, please choose a hotel lock system with PC software.

If you want to control and manage a hotel lock system with your mobile device, please choose a hotel lock system with a mobile app.

For modern electronic hotel lock systems, there are four standard recognition methods for hotel locks: Room cards, passwords, mobile app, and fingerprints.

But most hotel locks are identified and opened with a room card.


If you want to open your hotel door with room cards, please choose the RFID hotel lock system. RFID hotel lock systems are often used for some traditional hotels with front desks.

If you want to open your hotel lock with cards, mobile app, and password, please choose the Bluetooth hotel lock system. Bluetooth hotel lock systems with mobile apps are often used for apartments, Airbnb hotels, and rental houses.

If you want to open your hotel locks with cards, mobile app, fingerprints, and passwords, please choose the fingerprint hotel lock system.