Elevator Control System for Hotel Security

An elevator control system for hotel security is a kind of hotel elevator, guest, and room door control technology used for some hotels and resorts. It installs system devices similar to “access control” on the original hotel elevator.

Elevator Control System For Hotel Security Products

Elevator control panel and card reader module—-

It is the primary and core control module of a hotel elevator and door control system. It is installed on the top of the lift with a power supply box and is used to receive, identify, and process the IC card information transmitted by the card reader and control the elevator call button.

Card writer and issuing device:

It is mainly used for issuing guest door open cards. It adopts logical, intelligent control to ensure the smart card reads and writes prescribed procedures to complete operations. It releases and cancels all cards and has an automatic identification function, which plays a dual role in confidentiality and system software.

The key card encoder needs to connect to the computer by a USB interface, and the management software writes information such as the authority of the card to the IC card.

Hotel elevator and door control system management software:

Installing the hotel lock system management software is the center of system management and information processing. The system management software has powerful data manipulation functions for card issuing, writing, initializing, modifying, updating, viewing, and printing.

The hotel lock management system comprises a computer, a smart card reader, and management software. Responsible for issuing various functions IC card, hotel room management, check-in guest information management, and above information query statistics.

Frequently Asked Questions

The hotel elevator control system is mainly used for hotel customers’ corresponding elevator use management. Only the guests with the hotel room card can use the elevator after swiping the card inside the elevator and performing the corresponding room floor.

Using the hotel elevator control system can ensure the guests’ safety as much as possible and avoid dangerous and disturbing behaviors.

ShineACS Locks offers an IC card hotel elevator access control and an ID card Hotel elevator access control system.

The IC card-swiping elevator access control system uses the IC card for the elevator and room door.

The elevator IC card is a card that can be read and written, and the IC card chip has a password module that can write the Password inside and can read the card information after the password verification.

The IC card replaces the ID card in the Hotel elevator and door control system because the ID card used by the ID card swiping elevator control system is less secure than the IC card, and the ID card is a read-only chip card.

The information inside the chip is written only in advance—sexual serial number.

Generally, hotel elevator access control system products include contactless IC cards, elevator card readers, elevator control panels, card writer and issuing devices, power supply, and hotel elevator control Management software.

The hotel’s elevator control system is divided into the power supply, card reader, and hotel elevator control panel. And most hotel lock system suppliers will provide a complete hotel elevator control system.

A complete hotel elevator control system’s price is generally between $200-$600 per set.

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