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Why need Customized or Personalized Hotel Key Cards

Customized or personalized hotel key cards offer several benefits for your hotel business:


A customized key card can be a mini billboard in your guest’s pocket. It’s an opportunity to reinforce your hotel’s brand whenever a guest uses their key. This can include your brand’s color scheme, logo, or other unique design elements.

Unique Guest Experience

Personalized key cards can make guests feel special and valued. For example, a hotel could customize key cards for a group event or conference, making attendees feel more connected to the event and enhancing their overall experience.

Marketing Opportunities

Key cards can be used to promote amenities, special events, or offers at your hotel. For instance, you could print a promotion for your hotel’s spa or restaurant on the key cards to encourage guests to use these services.

Partnership Opportunities

You could partner with local businesses to promote special deals or discounts through your key cards. This provides value to your guests and can establish mutually beneficial local business relationships.

Our Services

We take pride in our ability to provide customized hotel key cards. Our team of experts collaborates with you to understand your needs and ensures a seamless experience from design to implementation.

Custom Hotel Key Cards 1

Full Personalized Hotel Key Cards

  • Frequency: 125Khz/13.56Mhz
  • Chip: EM4100/TK4100/T5577/Mifare
  • Material: PVC/ABS/PC…
  • Options: Double-sided print
  • Price: 0.8-1.5$
  • Size: 86×54 IOS standard
Custom Hotel Key Cards 2

Custom RFID Key Fobs

  • Frequency: 125Khz/13.56Mhz
  • Chip: T5577/Mifare 1
  • Material:  ABS Plastic
  • Options:  Logo and Name
  • Price: 0.8-1.5$
  • Size: 28*35mm
Custom Hotel Key Cards 3

Custom RFID Wristbands

  • Frequency: 125Khz/13.56Mhz
  • Chip: T5577/Mifare 1
  • Material: Silicone
  • Options:  Logo and Name
  • Price: 0.8-1.5$
  • Size: 157mm/184mm/195mm
Custom Hotel Key Cards 4

Customized Epoxy Key Cards

  • Frequency: 125Khz/13.56Mhz
  • Chip: T5577/Mifare 1
  • Material:  Epoxy+PVC
  • Options:  Logo and printing
  • Price: 0.8-1.5$
  • Size: 50*30MM/ Customized

What Design You Can Choose For Your Personalized Hotel Key Cards

When designing your personalized hotel key cards, you have many options. Here are some design ideas to consider

Custom Printed Hotel Key Cards Steps From ShineACS

 Here’s a detailed guide outlining the steps to create custom hotel key cards

Custom Hotel Key Cards 12

Step 1: Define Your Requirements

Start by defining what you need from your custom key cards. What type of hotel key cards do you need? RFID or Magnetic? What is your budget? How many cards will you need initially?

Step 2: Design Your KeyCards

Design the look of your key cards. Incorporate your hotel’s logo, color scheme, and other branding elements. ShineACS can provide a design service or guide you if you’re unsure where to start.

Step 3: Add Personalization and Promotions

Consider adding personalized details or promotions to your key cards. This could be a welcome message, a special offer for your hotel’s restaurant or spa, or discounts at local businesses.

Step 4: Place Your Order

Once you’ve finalized your design and chosen your card features, you can place your order. Be sure to order enough cards to cover all your hotel’s rooms and to have some replacements on hand.

Step 5: Test Your Key Cards

When you receive your key cards, test them to ensure they work correctly with your hotel’s lock system. This will help you avoid issues when you start giving them to guests.

Step 6: Distribute Your Key Cards

Now you’re ready to start distributing your new custom key cards to guests! Monitor feedback and make any necessary adjustments in the future.

Core material:
PVC/PET/ABS/RPVC/PC/PETG/PLA/Metal/Paper/Wood, etc.
Core color:
White, Colored core( Black, Yellow, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, etc.) or Others
Surface Craft/ Finish:
Glossy/Matte/Frosted/Cloth grain or Customized
ID-1/ISO Standards or Customized
Brand Name:
Chip Brand:
NXP, Infineon, ST, Sony, Fudan, Huada, Datang, Tongfang, Giantec, etc.
13.56Mhz, 125Khz, UHF or Others
Card Type:
Contactless/Contact/Dual interface/Magnetic stripe/Printed card/Invisible magnetic stripe
Printing method:
Offset printing(CMYK, Pantone Color)
Silkscreen printing(Gold, Silver, Pearlescent, Customized Inks)
Digital printing or Customized printing, etc
Other crafts:
Signature panel with Silkscreen or Hot stamping
Hot stamping with Silver /Gold/ Laser foil or Others
UV spot /Embossment
Security features:
Micro letters, UV fluorescent ink printing, Color guilloche pattern fine line, OVI printing/Optically variable ink, etc.
Personalization method:
Magnetic stripe encoding, Chip encoding, Thermal printing, Inkjet printing, Embossing, Indenting, Laser engraving, etc
Gift card /Membership card /Laundry card/ID card/ Access control system/Cashless payment/Finance system/Transport
system/Identification, etc

Packaging Details: 200pcs Per box, 2000pcs per carton, or as requested.

Lead time:

Quantity(pieces)1 – 10001001 – 1000010001 – 50000>50000
Lead time (days)789To be negotiated

For large orders, a basic custom hotel key card might range from $0.80 to $1.50 per card. However, high-tech options or high levels of customization could push the cost higher.

The price of customized hotel key cards can vary significantly depending on several factors, including:

  • Quantity: The number of key cards you order at once can impact the price. Typically, ordering larger quantities will reduce the per-card cost.
  • Technology: The type of technology used in the key card can affect the price. Basic magnetic stripe cards tend to be the least expensive, while smart cards or RFID cards may be more costly due to the higher complexity and security features.
  • Customization: The level of customization can also influence the price. Simple designs using one or two colors may be less expensive than full-color, complex designs. Also, double-sided printing may cost more than single-sided.
  • Additional Features: Special features like holograms, signature panels, or embedded electronics could increase the price per card.

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