Hotel Key Card Encoder

As one of China’s professional keyless hotel key card lock system suppliers, ShineACS provides a hotel key card encoder for the hotel key card lock system. 

ShineACS Locks will provide a permanent free registration code. If you buy our hotel lock system, never worry about the issue of the key card encoder not being activated.

Now, let’s learn more about the hotel key card encoders.

1. What is the pro smart hotel key card encoder function?

The hotel key card encoder’s main function is to program the hotel room card in the hotel lock system, and the programmed hotel key card can be given to guests.

Then, the hotel guests can perform a series of check-in operations, such as using the hotel elevator, opening the room door, and inserting the energy-saving switch to power the room.

Please note:

  • The hotel key card encoder must be used simultaneously with the lock system software and PC.
  • After installing the hotel lock system management software on the PC, you must use the activation code to activate the hotel key card encoder.
  • You can provide the serial number on the back of the key card encoder to the corresponding hotel lock system supplier to obtain the activation code. You can also use our online activation system to complete the card encoder.

2. How to use the pro smart card encoder?

  • Prepare the computer, OK?
  • Download pro smart card encoder software and install it.
  • Connect the hotel key card encoder and PC via a USB interface.
  • Open the software, and visit the “System Registration” Option
  • Provide the key card encoder serial number to us to get the activation code
  • Activate the key card encoder.
  • Start using

For more information, know how to use the hotel key card encoder. You can download our hotel lock system software user manual. 

3. What if you don’t have an activation code?

If your activation code is invalid, you have lost the activation code, or you do not have an activation code.

Please contact your hotel lock system supplier and provide the key card encoder serial number to obtain the activation code.

Please note:

Most hotel lock system products are encrypted; you must obtain an activation code from the supplier of your purchased hotel lock system.

Different suppliers cannot use the activation codes in your hotel lock system.

But ShineACS Locks will offer permanent free activation codes if you buy our hotel door lock system products.

4. What If you cannot reach the original hotel lock system supplier and obtain the activation code?

Here is a solution for you:

  • Please try to find another hotel lock system supplier
  • Try to buy new mainboards for the hotel door lock and replace the mainboard of the old hotel lock.
  • Re-purchase new key card encoders and key cards and use their hotel lock system software from new suppliers.
  • Then, you can activate the card issuer and continue to use the entire hotel lock system under the condition that the original lock can be used normally.

Need More Help?

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