Hotel Door Lock Battery- What You Have to Know?

Hotel Door Lock Battery- What You Have to Know?

Do you often need to replace the battery for your RFID hotel locks? Or do you know how to use the hotel door lock battery better to make the battery work longer and safer?

If so, please read this article carefully; this article will help you better understand your hotel door lock battery.

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First, I will talk about the basic knowledge of the hotel lock battery and then tell you what happens when a hotel electronic door lock battery dies, the common reasons for high battery consumption, and finally, how to quickly replace the battery.

Hotel Door Lock Battery- What You Have to Know

What Type of Batteries Can Be Used for Hotel Door Locks?

Hotel door locks generally use electronic keyless RFID locks convenient for guests to check in by swiping cards and passwords and unlocking fingerprints.

Due to many doors, the system management mode is generally adopted, and the central computer system is used for unified control and management.

Besides, frequent maintenance is required, including the battery’s replacement, like all other battery-operated door locks. The hotel door lock battery needs to be replaced in time to avoid affecting the guests’ Check-in experience affects the quality of service.

What Type of Batteries Can Be Used for Hotel Door Locks

Almost all hotels use RFID smart locks. RFID hotel door locks use card induction to open the door. A battery is inside the RFID card lock, and the bolt and indicator light are driven by battery power.

The hotel door lock battery model is usually an AA alkaline dry battery. According to the battery compartment’s design, there is a difference between 4 and eight batteries.

Hotel Door Lock Battery Life

Keyless RFID hotel locks are very reliable, but like any other battery-powered door lock, the hotel door lock battery will eventually run out for a while.

Fortunately, hotel locks are designed for today’s keyless RFID key card and require very little battery power. Most hotel keyless locks can be used within one year after battery replacement.

There are two types of smart hotel door lock batteries: alkaline batteries and the other is lithium batteries. At present, most hotel door locks are powered by alkaline batteries.

The hotel door lock battery packs often include eight alkaline batteries, four alkaline batteries, and different times.

Hotel door locks are frequently used, and the battery’s service life is generally between 8 months and one year. Besides, different hotel door locks, battery quality, craftsmanship, and technology will affect the battery’s service life.

Hotel Door Lock Battery Life

Besides, smart door locks powered by lithium batteries are fully automatic intelligent locks due to the enormous power consumption of fully automatic smart locks.

To ensure the regular use of the hotel door lock, It should be noted that after the low battery reminder, the replacement battery cannot be mixed with old and new batteries or different brands.

A dry or lithium battery can be temporarily powered by an external emergency power supply through the USB interface when it is out of power.

What Happens When a Hotel Electronic Door Lock Battery Is Dead?

What should you do if the electronic keyless door lock battery is dead?

For example, does the battery not work? If you find the keyless hotel door lock battery dead and cannot replace the battery immediately, please try the following three solutions.

1. Use The Mechanical Keys.

Most hotel RFID keyless door locks are equipped with a traditional mechanical key to open the door if the door lock cannot be opened when the battery is dead.

At this time, don’t hesitate to contact the hotel staff and use the mechanical key to open the door. Then please replace the hotel keyless door lock battery as soon as possible.

Hotel Door Lock Battery- What You Have to Know? 1

2. Use Mobile Power Bank.

Some more advanced hotel locks or Bluetooth apartment door locks will be equipped with a USB interface. If the smart lock battery dies, you can use the mobile power bank to re-power the hotel lock through this USB port and open the door.

use the mobile power bank to re-power the hotel lock

3. Replace The Battery.

This method is suitable when the hotel lock cannot work, and the room door is open.

Due to the hotel’s keyless door locks’ unique structure. You must finish the keyless door lock battery replacement work inside the door.

Reasons for The High Power Consumption of The Hotel Door Lock Battery

At present, the maximum power consumption of an intelligent door lock battery lies in communication. If the hotel has many customers, the door lock must always be in a state of uninterrupted communication, which will naturally speed up power consumption.

Of course, motor drivers, standby, frequency of use, etc., also consume power. There are many complicated reasons behind the high power consumption of hotel door lock batteries. Here are some reasons for your reference:

1. The common problem is the low reliability of the motherboard.

Hotel Door Lock Battery- What You Have to Know? 2

Before leaving the hotel door lock factory, the motherboard has undergone strict environmental reliability tests and severe aging tests. After leaving the factory, it has high and fast power consumption after a while.

2, Installation reasons.

Such as whether the connecting wires of the front and rear panels are damaged or broken due to short circuits or poor contact, which will also cause high power consumption of the hotel door lock battery(the battery compartment is on the back panel, and the main working parts are on the front panel. connection)

3. Elimination method.

  • In the case of high power consumption, is there an abnormal lock function?
  • The electronic unlocking methods are standard: password, fingerprint, swiping the card, Bluetooth, or other methods.
  • Whether there is an abnormal alarm or prompt sound or strange sound and light

4, Inferior batteries will also consume fast power.

Significantly even low battery leakage may damage the smart hotel lock. It is recommended to use alkaline dry batteries (expensive, high capacity, not easy to leak) do not use dry carbon batteries (cheap, low power, easy to spread).

5. The hotel lock should be used at room temperature (10-35 degrees); extreme weather Will affect the door lock battery performance.

6. A line of the door lock battery circuit board or the screw fixing the mainboard is pressed by a screw, causing excessive power consumption.

This situation is generally caused by the hotel door lock manufacturer‘s failure to tighten the circuit board when fixing it, which leads to the power consumption caused by the loosening and displacement of the circuit board.

7, The power line is damaged and leaks due to the wrong position of the power line.

Based on these phenomena, it is also possible to determine where the problem is, such as abnormal fingerprint unlocking. It may be due to high power consumption caused by partial damage to the fingerprint. The other is the same.

Based on these phenomena, it is also possible to determine where the problem is, such as abnormal fingerprint unlocking. It may be due to high power consumption caused by partial damage to the fingerprint, and the other is the same.

Please note: if the new battery is still depleted quickly after replacing it with a new one, it is likely that the hotel lock has a hardware problem due to long-term use. At this time, please consider replacing or upgrading your hotel lock system.

The Hotel Keyless Door Lock Battery Replacement

The RFID hotel keyless door lock has undoubtedly brought great convenience to modern hotels. The RFID keyless door lock and security system lets you quickly enter the hotel room via a proximity card or smartphone application.

The Hotel Keyless Door Lock Battery Replacement

However, with this convenience, you will find that some malfunctions may occur. And one of the most common problems is when hotels use RFID hotel locks because the door lock battery is about to run out.

How to Determine The Hotel Lock Battery Will Run Out?

First, we should know how to judge whether the hotel’s electronic door lock battery needs to be replaced.

Most hotel keyless electronic door locks have a low battery indicator or warning alarm, alerting you in advance when the battery is low. If you use an intelligent hotel lock or apartment lock with a mobile APP, the APP will notify you when the electronic door lock battery is low.

The hotel door lock will generate a low-voltage alarm when the battery is almost out of power.

Hotel Door Lock Battery- What You Have to Know? 3

When the door lock is out of power, there will be a “beep, beep, beep” alarm prompt, the red light is on (it is a beep when regular, the blue light is on), and the door lock can still be opened, indicating that the voltage is insufficient (less than 4.8V).

At this time, the hotel lock battery must be replaced quickly to avoid unnecessary losses to the hotel. When the indicator light flashes yellow, it reminds me that the battery needs to be replaced.

Find The Battery Compartment Location.

The next step is to know the location of the hotel door lock battery compartment, usually in several places: the rear panel and the lock body.

1. Rear panel. Most hotel lock battery compartments are on the rear panel and fixed by screws. Just find a screwdriver.

2. Lock the body. It is relatively rare on the lock body and is generally seen with hotel locks. Open the door when disassembling and remove the lock. Body guide plate (sidebar), the battery box will pop out and replace the battery.

Find The Battery Location.

Note that no matter how many batteries are in your battery compartment, please replace all batteries with new ones; you cannot use old and new batteries together.

After replacing the battery, replace the keyless lock cover and tighten the screws to secure it. Then, test the keyless locking and unlocking function to ensure it works properly.


At this point, all you need to know about when using the hotel lock battery and roughly finished. These will help the hotel maintain the hotel lock better and use the battery.

If you have any tip that works for you, please share them in the comment section below.

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