TTlock Gateway G2 For TThotel and TTlock Smart Locks

The TTlock gateway is a smart hub that allows you to connect your TTlock smart locks to the internet. With this gateway, you can remotely manage and control all the locks with the TTlock app from your mobile phone.

The TTlock gateway works with Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT! You can also use the ttlock app and the TTlock gateway for even more control over your smart lock.

TTlock gateway G2 also can work for the TThotel door lock system to help manage hotel rooms via your phones.

  • Model: G2
  • Dimensions: 70mm x 70mm x 26mm
  • Network: WiFi 2.4G
  • IEEE standard: 802.11b/g/n
  • Power interface: Type-C USB
  • Power input: DC 5V/500mA

How To Add Gateway to TTlock?

How to add TTLock to Alexa and Control with Your Voice from TTlock Gateway

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The TTlock gateway is a wifi device that connects to your home network. It acts as the central hub between your mobile devices and the ttlock smart lock, allowing you to use them using the ttlock App or any other compatible device.

The TTlock app can also connect directly with each ttlock device via Bluetooth. This allows for easy setup of new locks and even new users on existing locks without needing an additional app (like when a friend wants to access them).

The TTlock gateway can do a lot.

It can connect your TTlock App and the ttlock, manage multiple locks at once, unlock the lock if you don’t have access to it, and lock it when you’re done.

Additionally, if you want to set up a new lock or add more people to your account (or remove them), the TTlock gateway is also where that happens.

How to connect the TTlock gateway with TTlock?

If you want to know how to connect the TTlock gateway with TTlock smart locks, please check the following TTlock gateway setup steps:

TTlock Gateway G2 For TThotel and TTlock Smart Locks 16

  • Make sure you have connected the TTlock gateway with your WIFI router well.
  • Power on the TTlock G2 gateway, and the light flashes red and blue.
  • Open the TTlock App and click “Gateway.”
  • Click “+” on the top right corner, then choose “G2” gateway
  • Click next; it will automatically search for the new devices, then click to add “G2 gateway.”
  • Choose the WIFI you want to connect to and input the password.
  • The TTlock gateway was added successfully.

Also, you can check the video for your reference:

How To Add Gateway to TTlock?

TTlock gateway installation

Please note: Ensure you install the TTlock gateway in an open, unobstructed position for the best communication effect.

TTlock Gateway G2 For TThotel and TTlock Smart Locks 17

And Generally, one TTlock gateway can connect about 4 TTlock smart locks.

How to connect the TTlock gateway with Alexa?

To connect your TTlock gateway to Alexa, please check the following video:

How to add TTLock to Alexa and Control with Your Voice?

How to connect the TTlock gateway with google home?

To connect the TTlock gateway with Google Home, you must set up your TTlock Gateway and install your TTlock smart locks well.

Here are the steps:

  1. Make sure you have installed Google Home APP and hub
  2. Click the “+” Add button on the App’s upper left to set up the device.
  3. On the setup device page, choose “Works with Google” on to Manage accounts page.
  4. Search for “ScienerSmart,” Enter your TTLock account on the Authorize page.
  5. Set Google Home Security Code in TTLock APP. You will be asked for this code when unlocking with google home.

TTlock gateway troubleshooting

If your TTlock gateway is not working, the operation failed, or the  ttlock gateway is not finding a lock, please check this article to learn more about ttlock gateway troubleshooting: