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Installation Service

If you want to install hotel door locks or have questions when trying to process the installation work.

You can find different smart door lock installation guides and videos from ShineACS Locks, which help you install smart locks.

Also, you can find and contact our smart door lock installation service partner to help you install smart door locks.

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Management Software

If you want to know how to register and configure the hotel lock system software, or you want to know how to use our Mobile APP for Bluetooth lock and fingerprint lock, please visit here.

Here you will watch the hotel lock system software and mobile app operation video.

You can try to operate our software step by step.

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Configuration Guide

Here you will know how to configure and choose the most suitable new hotel locks for your new hotel.

Or you want to know how to choose new hotel locks for replacing your old hotel locks with the minimum change, the most economical approach, and the fastest time.

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Here you can see customers’ most frequently asked questions and the corresponding solutions.

Through these frequently asked questions by customers and our answers, you will quickly understand how to solve the problems you encounter as soon as possible.

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You can download our hotel lock system software, mobile app for Bluetooth smart lock, and fingerprint lock.

Also, you can download the hotel lock installation user manual, software operation manual, troubleshooting manual, product datasheet, and other useful documents you will need.

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