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TThotel Lock System Management Software for Windows PC and Mobile Phone

What is TThotel Lock System Software?

TThotel Lock System Software is a hotel/apartment/school management system that works with Windows, Android, and IOS devices. You can use it to issue cards, passcodes, and ekeys from your PC or mobile phone.

TTHotel software includes Windows desktop software used to issue cards from a PC, a hotel app used to manage devices from a mobile phone, and a guest app used to unlock the door via phone.

You can install and use one of these for free.

If you have a large hotel chain or need to manage thousands of rooms in multiple locations across the country, you can use our TThotel l Lock System to control your property remotely.

TThotel lock system operation

TThotel Lock System Management Software Operation Video

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For A Complete TTHotel Lock System, You Will Also Need

Not Sure This TThotel Lock System Is OK for Your Hotel?

Please visit our hotel lock system configuration guide center to help you know which electronic hotel door lock suits your hotel doors.

What does TThotel Lock System Software do?

TThotel Lock System Software can manage buildings, floors, rooms, guests, and staff from your PC and mobile phone.

TThotel Lock System Software can also manage devices such as TTlock smart locks, hotel elevator control panels, TThotel key card encoder, and TTlock gateway.

The operator and guest can use TThotel APP to open electronic locks directly with Bluetooth or WIFI. You can use TThotel APP as your key to enter or exit rooms anytime. This can help to reduce the time and trouble of key management.

Full integration with the hospitality PMS.

The TThotel software can be integrated with any PMS and is easy. We will offer free SDK and all development kits to help you integrate our TThotel software with your PMS or other security systems.

We are always happy to assist our clients with integration questions.

It is convenient for staff to change or update rooms’ status.

Making room booking and changing room status are convenient and fast. You can change the status of a room directly from your phone or via PC, tablet, or any other device with the app installed.

The whole process of changing rooms’ status is automated and intelligentized. You can use TThotel APP to manage guest room locks via mobile phones together with their readers, including:

  • Unlock/close/reopen locked doors remotely at any time. All the operations of the opening room doors will be recorded on TThotel APP and transferred to other devices.
  • Change room status (locked/unlocked) in real-time through the APP’s interface or SMS command
  • Manage hotel room keys remotely.