Hotel Door Lock Maintenance: 19 Tips Maintain Hotel Door Lock Well

Hotel Door Lock Maintenance: 19 Tips for Maintaining Hotel Door Lock Well

The popularity of RFID hotel door locks has been relatively high. Hotels in many places have installed RFID hotel door locks, facilitating the hotel RFID locks’ management and maintenance and dramatically improving the hotel’s overall style. Most hotels now use smart door locks.

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Hotel Door Lock Maintenance 16 Tips Maintain Hotel Door Lock Well

Hotel Door Lock Maintenance-Main Parts.

Smart RFID hotel door locks generally include lock panels, mechanical lock cylinders, lock mortise, mainboard, and battery pack.

Tips 1. Hotel door Lock Panel Maintenance

The hotel rf card lock panel includes a front and rear panel. The hotel door lock handles often fail here.

Hotel door Lock Panel maintenance

Adding butter to the door lock handle spring every year is recommended. If the transmission part of the lock body has lubricant, the handle will not get stuck.

Its transmission will be smooth, and its service life can be extended. At the same time, check whether the panel fastening screws are loose to ensure they are tight.

Tips 2. The Hotel door lock mechanical cylinder maintenance

The automatic lock cylinder is rarely used in the hotel key card lock. Regular room guests use the room key card to open the door.

It has been needed as a backup method of opening the door occasionally. Under particular circumstances, the key will be used to open the door.

Hotel door lock mechanical cylinder maintenance

It is recommended to perform mechanical lock cylinder maintenance every year or when the key is not smoothly inserted and removed.

You can put a small amount of graphite powder or pencil powder into the lock cylinder slot and plug it back and forth to smooth the key insertion and removal.

However, do not add any other oil as a lubricant. This will cause the grease to stick to the pin spring, causing the lock not to rotate and not open.

Tips 3. Hotel door locks battery pack maintenance:

The hotel smart key card lock uses 1.5V 4 AA batteries. When the battery is lower than 4.7V, the hotel door lock will alarm, and the battery needs to be replaced.

Hotel door lock battery pack maintenance

It is recommended to replace the battery every 18 months.

Tips 4. Hotel door locks mainboard and lock mortise maintenance:

The mainboard and lock mortise maintenance are the most critical RFID hotel door locks.

Press the handle firmly when the door lock appears closed, and the door opens again. At this time, the lock mortise needs to be replaced.

Hotel door lock mainboard and lock mortise maintenance

It is recommended to replace the same model’s lock mortise from the original factory, and there is no need to adjust the lock clock and replace it directly.

In the second renovation of the hotel, you can also consider replacing the RFID hotel door locks motherboard.

Tips 5: Check the fit-gap between the hotel door lock mortise and the lock strike.

Check the height fit between the lock bolt and the lock strike plate’s hole and whether it is suitable for long-term use. The best gap between the door and frame is 1.5mm–3.5 mm.

Hotel Door Lock Maintenance: 19 Tips Maintain Hotel Door Lock Well 3

If any changes are flocking hinge positioning hinge or the locking plate on the door should be adjusted.

At the same time, pay attention to the cold shrinkage and thermal expansion caused by the weather (wet in spring, dry in winter) to ensure that the gap between the door and the door frame, the lock mortise, and the lock strike plate is reasonable, and the lock is used smoothly.

Tips 6. The hotel RFID locks installation operation must be correct.

When installing hotel RFID locks, the handle and panel must not be pasted with paper or tape. Do not install the lock when the paint on the door is not dry.

It is forbidden to contact the lock surface with corrosive substances to damage its protective layer and affect its gloss.

Tips 7. Use special door lock maintenance liquid to wipe spots

Some zinc alloy and copper hotel RFID locks will find “spots” after being installed on the door for a long time. This phenomenon is not rust but oxidation. If this happens, Spray the door lock maintenance liquid to remove the spots.

Hotel Door Lock Maintenance: 19 Tips Maintain Hotel Door Lock Well 4

Tips 8. Do not wipe the door lock panel and handle with a damp cloth to avoid oxidation.

It is recommended to use the hotel RFID locks maintenance liquid to remove the surface dirt, make the door lock surface smooth and moist, form a protective effect on the surface, improve the continuity of surface cleanliness, and make the surface as clean as new!

Tips 9. Keep the hotel RFID locks deadbolt safe when decorating.

Please do not play with the locked deadbolt for long during decoration. If you close the door after playing with the lock deadbolt, it will easily damage it!

Hotel Door Lock Maintenance: 19 Tips Maintain Hotel Door Lock Well 5

Tips 10. Test hotel card lock with mechanical key

After installing the hotel card lock, please test it with a mechanical key. The door can be opened and closed normally.

Tips 11. Keep the mainboard and lock mortise of the hotel ock not wet.

The mainboard and the hotel card lock’s mortise should not be exposed to rain and water ingress because of the fine structure, which will cause inflexibility or damage.

Hotel Door Lock Maintenance: 19 Tips Maintain Hotel Door Lock Well 6

Tips 12. The door buckle plate’s installation position must be correct, and the oblique tongue of the lock body cannot be pressed—otherwise, the door lock will “di…di…” alarm.

Tips 13. It is recommended to use alkaline batteries for hotel card locks.

Significantly even low battery leakage may damage the smart hotel lock. It is recommended to use alkaline dry batteries (expensive, high capacity, not easy to leak) do not use dry carbon batteries (cheap, low power, easy to spread).

Tips 14. Replace hotel key card lock batteries in time.

After the low battery alarm, please immediately replace the hotel card lock battery to ensure the regular use of the door lock.

Tips 15. Use new hotel lock batteries.

Note that no matter how many batteries are in your battery compartment, please replace all batteries with new ones; you cannot use old and new batteries together.

What Type of Batteries Can Be Used for Hotel Door Locks

Tips 16. The mechanical key must be appropriately kept.

Tips 17. To maintain the hotel key card lock, issue a “time card” regularly (every two months).

Tips 18. System operators should regularly back up the system database files to ensure the security of the hotel card lock system database.

Tips 19. Please use plastic bags to seal the hotel door lock, handles panels, and other exposed parts during the hotel room renovations.

Acidic or alkaline substances will cause the electronic door lock to corrode gas, and blistering will cause delamination. Affect the appearance the quality of the electronic door lock.

In particular, if you have done the hotel lock maintenance work mentioned above but there are still many problems with the existing hotel lock. Please consider upgrading or replacing your current hotel lock system.

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