Electronic Keyless Smart RFID Hotel Room Key Card System SL-HA508H


  • European style, classic style, noble, hard stainless steel material, to ensure that the door lock is more durable;
  • American Standard 5 bolt structure lock core, hierarchical management;
  • Triple mute locking body;
  • The motherboard supports anti-interference and error correction functions;
  • The lock information will not be lost when the power is off;
  • A clock inner lock controls the key card use time;
  • Anti-static support;
  • Low voltage alarm;
  • Suitable for door thickness 35-55mm

SL-HA508H Specification:

  1. Door Type: Glassdoor, Wood door, Steel door, Stainless Steel door, Aluminum door, Brass door
  2. Model Number: Hotel Room Key Card System SL-HA508H
  3. Data Storage Options: Memory Card
  4. Product size:32*17*15CM
  5. Lock type: Smart hotel door lock
  6. Card type: M1FARE-1 card/T555/EM430/apartment ID board
  7. Unlocking method: swipe card + mechanical key
  8. Card reading distance: less than 3CM
  9. Material: 304 stainless steel
  10. Color: silver/gold/black
  11. Application: hotel/school/office, etc.
  12. Door thickness: 30-55mm
  13. Working temperature -20℃-70℃Working humidity: 10%-95%
  14. Working voltage: 6V (4x AA batteries)
  15. Undervoltage heater: below 4.8V
  16. Static power consumption: <30uA
  17. Dynamic power consumption: <150ma
  18. Battery life: Support 5000 lock and unlock operations
  19. Unlock records: the latest 255

Electronic Keyless Smart RFID Hotel Room Key Card System SL-HA508H

ShineACS Locks Hotel Door Lock Installation Video

Less Than 50 units: in 3 days.

50-200 units: in 7 days.

200-500 units: in 10 days.

One Carton: 10 units

Single Unit Weight: 3.0KG

Single Packing Size: 37x17x12.5cm/unit

Carton Size: 51x38x42.5cm.

Carton Weight: 30.0KG.

1, Express Shipping:

  • Suggested quantity: less than 50 sets.
  • Delivery Time:  3-7 days.
  • Shipping Cost: $15-$25/kg.

2, Air Shipping:

  • Suggested quantity: 50-200 sets.
  • Delivery Time:  7-15 days.
  • Shipping Cost: $6-$10/kg.

3, Sea Shipping:

  • Suggested quantity: more than 200 sets.
  • Delivery Time: 25-45 days.
  • Shipping Cost: $3-$6/kg.

4, European Rail Shipping:

  • Suggested quantity: When you are in Europe and more than 200 sets.
  • Delivery Time: 15-25 days.
  • Shipping Cost: $5-$10/kg.

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