Proximity Rfid Electronic Hotel Room Security Door Locks SL-HBRF


  • Simple and resolute, the shape design is from the famous handwriting;
  • The United States standard 5 lock tongue structure lock core, hierarchical management;
  • Triple mute lock body;
  • The motherboard supports anti-interference and error correction functions;
  • Lock information will not be lost when power is off;
  • A clock internal lock controls the use time of the key card;
  • Anti-static support;
  • Low voltage alarm;
  • Suitable for door thickness 35-55mm

Proximity Rfid Electronic Hotel Room Security Door Locks SL-HBRF Specification:

  1. Door types: Hotel room security door locks SL-HBRF
  2. Unlock method: swipe + key+Card
  3. Card reading distance: less than 3CM
  4. Material: 304 stainless steel
  5. Color: silver / gold / red ancient / black
  6. Application: hotel / school / office, etc.
  7. Door thickness: 30-55mm
  8. Working temperature -20 ° C -70 ° C
  9. Working humidity: 10%-95%
  10. Working voltage: 6V (4x AA battery)
  11. Underheating machine: below 4.8V
  12. Static power consumption: <30uA
  13. Dynamic power consumption: <150ma
  14. Battery life: support 5000 lockout unlocking operation
  15. Unlock record: latest 255
  16. Applicable card:  Temic card and ID card
  17. Power supply: DC6V, 4PCS Standard AA Alkaline Battery
  18. Battery Life: about one year, depending on the usage condition.
  19. Low voltage warning: Voltage less than 4.8v, there will be three sounds, and the red LED light. The lock still can *  be unlocked more than 50 times before the battery is replaced.
  20. Reliability of card operation: No accident for 1000 times of continuous card operation
  21. Emergency unlocking: The door can be unlocked by Master card OR Mechanical key even though the deadbolt works in an emergency.
  22. Installation request: To be installed on the door, with the door thickness between 35mm and 55 mm. If the door surface is decorated, the distance between the decoration edge to the door edge must be over 95mm.
  23. An intellectual ultrathin tiny lock core makes the breakage to the door as little as possible when making holes.
  24. Free handle to prevent the external stress from ruining the internal structure. The working life is long.
  25. Lack of voltage indication to clew users should change batteries in time.
  26. Emergency Cards or mechanical keys are used to open doors in particular situations.
  27. Preserve the latest 256 records of the door opening circularly and knowing about the dynamic at any moment.
  28. Ending the open functions of lost or appointed cards

Proximity Rfid Electronic Hotel Room Security Door Locks SL-HBRF Product Video

Proximity Rfid Electronic Hotel Room Security Door Locks SL-HBRF Installation

Less Than 50 units: in 3 days.

50-200 units: in 7 days.

200-500 units: in 10 days.

One Carton: 10 units

Single Unit Weight: 3.0KG

Single Packing Size: 37x17x12.5cm/unit

Carton Size: 51x38x42.5cm.

Carton Weight: 30.0KG.

1, Express Shipping:

  • Suggested quantity: less than 50 sets.
  • Delivery Time:  3-7 days.
  • Shipping Cost: $15-$25/kg.

2, Air Shipping:

  • Suggested quantity: 50-200 sets.
  • Delivery Time:  7-15 days.
  • Shipping Cost: $6-$10/kg.

3, Sea Shipping:

  • Suggested quantity: more than 200 sets.
  • Delivery Time: 25-45 days.
  • Shipping Cost: $3-$6/kg.

4, European Rail Shipping:

  • Suggested quantity: When you are in Europe and more than 200 sets.
  • Delivery Time: 15-25 days.
  • Shipping Cost: $5-$10/kg.

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