TTlock: Everything About TTlock Usage And ‘How To’ Guide

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What is TTLock?

TTLock is an intelligent lock system that you can control from your phone. The sturdy TTlock system has three mechanical keys and a backup battery.

What is TTLock

Using TTLock’s advanced features, you can get notifications when someone unlocks or locks your door (great for mobile check-in on children with their key) or create passcodes instead of using the App if you prefer old-school methods but still want a Bluetooth connection.

If you are interested in TTlocks and want to buy them for your home, please check our TTlock smart locks.

TTLock allows you to lock and unlock your door with a smartphone or PIN code, which can be emailed or messaged directly to guests en route. This has been a real game-changer for vacation rental hosts trying to avoid time-consuming key exchanges.

For more information about how to use TTlock in a hotel, please check our TThotel lock system.

How does TTLock work?

TTLock offers four ways to open the door: mobile App, RFID cards, passwords, fingerprints, and mechanical keys.

When you’re at home, you can use the mobile App, RFID cards, passwords, fingerprints, and mechanical keys to unlock your home door;

How does TTLock work

When you’re away from home, you can send a password or use a mobile app(door lock connected with Gateway) to unlock the door. This is great because it allows people to enter your house even when they don’t have their phones!

TTLock has two products: one for residential properties and one for commercial properties. You use the residential product in homes and apartments rented or owned by families or individuals. You use commercial development in hotels, offices, and guesthouses.

How do you use TTlocks?

To use TTlock, you will need the following:

1. A mobile phone: A mobile phone capable of running the TTlock App. At present, only Android and iOS operating systems are supported.

2. Download and install the TTlock App on your mobile phone (in the Google Play Store or Apple Store). Note that all app functions are accessible, but it takes up your device’s storage space.

Download and install the TTlock app

3. TTlock login and Register: After opening the App, register an account or log in if you already have one by entering your email address and setting a password.

Log in with your mobile phone number or email account on the login page. The system automatically recognizes the mobile phone number and does not input the country code.

Register and log in ttlock

If you have forgotten your password, you can go to the password page to reset your password. When you reset the password, you can receive a verification
code from your mobile phone and email address

4. Add TTlock-supported smart locks: Once logged in, select “Add lock” from the menu screen and add intelligent locks to manage through this account from a list of all locks currently connected to nearby Bluetooth devices on your network (this process may take a few tries if nearby devices aren’t found immediately).

Add TTlock supported smart locks

The lock must be added to the App before it can be used. Adding a lock refers to the initialization of the lock by communicating with the lock via Bluetooth. Please
stand beside the lock. Once the lock is added successfully, you can manage the lock with the App, including sending a key, password, etc.

When the lock is added, the adder becomes the lock administrator. At the same time, the lock cannot enter the setup mode by touching the keyboard. This lock can only be readded after the current administrator has deleted the lock. Deleting the lock needs to be done by Bluetooth beside the lock.

5. Create digital keys: Once some devices have been added as smart locks within this App, you can add digital keys to the locks via this App; you can choose the following digital keys  to open the door lock:

Create digital keys

  • RFID card (this type can be used without an Internet connection),
  • password combination (a series of passwords that can be set with options such as permanent, time-limited, one-time, empty, loop, custom, etc.),
  • Bluetooth key (can be set using another smartphone on which someone has downloaded the TTlock App),
  • Fingerprint sensor (only available if a physical fingerprint reader is installed).
  • Note that only 1 RFID card can be assigned per lock at one time;
  • Multiple password combinations and Bluetooth keys can be transferred simultaneously as long they don’t overlap in terms of expiration dates or the number of uses allowed before expiring

6. Unlock the door: Once you’ve done this, anyone you have granted access to can use their particular key type (Bluetooth, App, RFID card, passcode, etc.) to open your door.

TTlock: Everything About TTlock Usage And ‘How To’ Guide 1

7. Manage locks and staffs: You can manage any number of locks and staff via the TTlock App if you want to keep track of who’s going where and when they’re doing it; add more users under Manage Staff’ to take advantage of this feature

For more information about how to use a TTlock, you can check this video:

TTlock operation video

TTlock register

TT lock users can register the account by mobile phone and email, supporting 200 countries and regions worldwide. The verification code will be sent to the user’s mobile phone or email, and the registration will be successful after the verification.

To register your TTlock account:

  • Security question settings: When registration is successful, you will be taken to the security question settings page. The user can authenticate when logging in on a new device by answering the above questions.

TTlock: Everything About TTlock Usage And ‘How To’ Guide 2

  • Login authentication: Log in with your mobile phone number or email account on the login page. The system automatically recognizes the mobile phone number and does not input the country code. You can go to the password page to reset your password if you have forgotten your password. When you reset the password, you can receive a verification code from your mobile phone and email address.

TTlock: Everything About TTlock Usage And ‘How To’ Guide 3

  • The account must be verified when logged in on the new mobile phone. You can log in on the new mobile phone when it is passed. All the data can be viewed and used on the new mobile phone.
  • Verification mode: There are two ways of security verification. One is to get the verification code via the account number, and the other is to answer the question. If the current account is set to the “answer the question” verification, there will be an “answer question verification” option when the new device is logged in.

TTlock: Everything About TTlock Usage And ‘How To’ Guide 4

  • Login successful: The first time you use the lock app, the home page will display the button to add the lock if there is no lock or key data in the account. The lock information will be displayed if there is a lock or key in the account.

TTlock: Everything About TTlock Usage And ‘How To’ Guide 5

How do I add users to TTLock?

Once you have installed the TTlock smart lock well and added this lock to your TTlock App, you can add an authorized admin user to this TTlock smart lock.

To add users to TTlock:

How do I add users to TTLock

  1. Open your TTlock App and choose the TTlock smart lock to which you want to add users.
  2. Click “Authorized admin” and create admin. You can choose to create a timed user or a permanent user.
  3. Enter the user recipient and name; now you have finished adding users to TTlock.

How to unlock TTlock?

You can unlock a TTlock with Bluetooth, an RFID key card, a password, and fingerprints.

How to unlock TTlock with a passcode?

TTlock: Everything About TTlock Usage And ‘How To’ Guide 6

TTlock passwords are classified into permanent, time-limited, one-time, empty, loop, custom passwords, etc.

  • Permanent passcode: The permanent passcode must be used within 24 hours after it is generated. Otherwise, it will automatically expire.
  • Time-limited passcode: The time-limited passcode can expire at least one hour and a maximum of three years. If the validity period is within one year, the time can be accurate to the hour; if the validity period is more than one year, the accuracy is a month. When the time-limited passcode is valid, it should be used within 24 hours; otherwise, it will automatically expire. After inputting the passcode, please press the lock button or # on the right corner to lock the door.
  • One-time passcode: One-time passcode can only be used for one time and is available for 6 hours.
  • Clear code: Clear code deletes all the passcodes the lock has set, which are available for 24 hours.
  • Cyclic passcode: The cyclic password can be reused within a specified period, including daily type, weekday type, weekend type, and more.
  • Custom passcode User can set any passcode and validity period he wants.

You can use the TTlock App to share these codes with Facebook Messenger, SMS, email, and WhatsApp.

To unlock TTlock with a passcode: After inputting the passcode on the keyboard of the lock, press the unlock button to unlock.

How to unlock TTlock with a key card?

You need to add the IC card first. The whole process needs to be done via the App besides the lock. The IC card’s validity period can be either permanent or time-limited.

The IC card management module can query and manage all IC cards. The remote card issuance function is displayed in the case of a gateway. If there is no gateway, the item is hidden.

How to add a key card to TTlock?

  1. open the TTlock App and choose which lock you want to add a key card
  2. Press cards and click “Add card.”
  3. Input the card name; you can set the card using time.
  4. Swipe your card twice on the TTlock.
  5. You will hear two beeps if the card is added successfully.

To unlock the TTlock with a key card, Swipe your key card on the TTlock, and the door will be unlocked.

The IC card management module can query and manage all IC cards. The remote card issuance function is displayed in the case of a gateway. If there is no gateway, the item is hidden.

How to unlock TTlock with a fingerprint?

Fingerprint management is similar to IC card management. After adding a fingerprint, you can use the fingerprint to unlock the door.

How to unlock TTlock with Bluetooth?

TTlock: Everything About TTlock Usage And ‘How To’ Guide 7

Users can lock the door via Bluetooth and send the Bluetooth ekey to anyone. Two ways of unlocking the TTlock with Bluetooth are to press the unlock button on the APP and touch and light the lock panel.

  • Use APP to unlock: Click the round button at the top of the page to unlock the door. Since the Bluetooth signal has a certain coverage, please use the APP within a certain area.
  • Touch to unlock: You can Open the App and touch the keyboard to unlock the door. Click the small button to open the door remotely when you have installed the Gateway.

How to change the TTlock passcode?

To change the user coder or passcode from TTlock:

  • input the original passcode to unlock,
  • then input “10 # original passcode
  • # new passcode (between 4 numbers and six numbers)
  • # input new passcode again #”.

How to add the Gateway to the TTlock App?

A Gateway bridges the lock and the internet, letting you remotely control your lock. You don’t have to worry about forgetting your key and getting locked out of your front door.

The user can remotely view and calibrate the lock clock through the Gateway and read the unlock record. Meanwhile, it can remotely delete and modify the password.

Gateway also helps with access management, allowing you to grant temporary access rights and permissions for Airbnb guests or other visitors.

How to add the gateway to the TTlock app

Please add the Gateway via the APP steps :

  • Connect your phone to the WIFI network to which the Gateway is connected.
  • Click the plus button in the upper right corner and input the WIFI passcode and gateway name. Click OK and input the passcode for authentication.
  • Press and hold the setting button on the Gateway for 5 seconds. The green light indicates that the Gateway has entered the add-on mode.

How do I connect TTLock to WIFI?

How do I connect TTLock to WIFI

To connect TTLock to your WIFI network, follow the steps below.

  • Connect the Gateway to the router. Make sure they’re close together so there’s a strong signal.
  • Configure the Gateway to your router’s WIFI network. This information is usually on a sticker on the router.
  • Open up TTLock’s App and add the Gateway. Go over it twice because you don’t want any mistakes here!
  • Add the lock to the Gateway with another keypress sequence that you can find in this article about how to add a lock (and remember—your timing has to be exactly right). If it doesn’t work, try again from step 1 above!
  • Add your newly connected lock to your App under “Smart Lock”> “Add Lock.”

How do I add TTLock to Alexa?

If you want to add TTlock smart locks to Alexa and control them via voice, please enable remote unlock first.

Supported countries: United States, Australia, Canada, India, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Brazil

To add TTlock to Alexa: 

  1. Add lock and Gateway with your TTlock APP
  2. Enable “Remote Unlock” in the lock’s setting menu(Disabled by default). The lock does not work with Alexa if there is no such option.
  3. Enable skills in the Alexa APP. And authorize the user name and password of the smart lock APP. (Please put the country code before the phone number, like +1324567543). Then discover locks
  4. Find the lock in Alexa, enable “Unlock by voice,” and set the voice code.
  5. Have fun with it.

Also, you can check this video:

How to add TTLock to Alexa and Control with Your Voice?

How To Add TTlock with Google Home? 

TTLock smart locks can be unlocked with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. You can open your door using voice commands with a smart lock connected to TTLock and a compatible device like the Google Home Mini.

TTlock: Everything About TTlock Usage And ‘How To’ Guide 8

To Add TTlock with Google Home:

  1. Make sure you have installed the Google Home APP and hub
  2. Click the “+” Add button on the App’s upper left to set up the device.
  3. On the setup device page, choose “Works with Google” on to Manage Accounts page.
  4. Search for “ScienerSmart,” Enter your TTLock account on the Authorize page.
  5. Set Google Home Security Code in TTLock APP. You will be asked for this code when unlocking with Google Home.

How do I change the battery on my TTlock?

Almost all TTlocks use 4 AA batteries. For some fingerprint TTlocks, they will need 8 AA batteries.

To change the battery for your TTlock:

  • Remove the back cover with a screwdriver
  • Pull out all four old AA batteries.
  • Reinsert four new AA batterues
  • Recover the back cover

TTlock installation

TTlock installation can be done in a few minutes with some simple tools. To learn how to install your TTlocks, please check the following video:

ShineACS Lock TTlocks Installation Video

The TTlock manual

You can read the official TTLock instruction manual here:

The manual is a great way to learn how to use your new device. You can learn how to use the product’s many features and even learn about some things you may not have known were included in your purchase.

This is important because it will help you get the most out of your TTLock device.

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