Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

A biometric Door Lock, also called a biometric fingerprint door lock, is a smart door lock unlocked by fingerprint recognition. Fingerprint authentication is convenient, fast, and accurate.

With the popularization of technology and smart home development, more and more people are beginning to choose fingerprint door biometric locks for homes, hotels, schools, and residential.

Why ShineACS Locks

>>  ShineACS Locks is a professional Chinese fingerprint lock manufacturer with more than ten years of experience.

>>  ShineACS Locks offer fingerprint door locks for home doors, hotels, schools, and offices.

>>  ShineACS Locks offer professional fingerprint locks compatible with various mobile phone remote operations.

>>  ShineACS Locks provide fingerprint lock apps for android phones, IOS phones, and mobile phones that meet user needs.

>> You can get professional and detailed fingerprint lock install instructions from ShineACS Locks for your electronic door lock project

What Biometric Fingerprint Lock Apps do We Have?

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Fingerprint Lock App for Android Phones

ShineACS Locks offers a humanized design fingerprint lock app for android phones, laptops, and other Android mobile devices. You can get all versions of fingerprint lock download free from google play. They support fingerprint lock android apps phones and brands: Huawei, Samsung, oppo, Xiaomi, etc.

Biometric Door Lock 6

Fingerprint Lock App for Apple IOS Mobile Phone

ShineACS Locks offer humanized design fingerprint lock app for ios, apple mobile device, and iPad; You can get all versions of the fingerprint lock download app from the APP store. They support IOS Apple devices: iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone x, and iPad.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to biometric door locks, several other smart locks enable you to unlock your door without a physical key. Biometric door locks are probably the most secure of these types since they require your physical presence to unlock the door.

Usually, Biometric door locks are powered by batteries. The alkaline battery is divided into alkaline, carbon, and lithium.

However, alkaline batteries’ choice cannot altogether avoid battery leakage because battery leakage is a very complicated mechanism, inseparable from the quality of the battery process, the method of use, and the selection.

According to relevant statistics, the current fingerprint smart door lock sales channel is still dominated by business clients.

According to relevant data, male buyers occupy the mainstream position among the current users who buy fingerprint locks, and the age is mainly concentrated in users aged 25-50.

Among them, users aged 27-40 are the main purchasing power.

Yes, ShineACS will offer android and iPhone mobile app for our Biometric door locks.

You can check this article to know more about how to choose biometric door locks:

How to Choose Suitable Fingerprint Door Lock for Home? 

Please check our fingerprint door lock installation video; then, you will know how to install fingerprint door locks step by step.

The fingerprint front door lock is made for convenience.

You don’t have to worry about returning home without the key, let alone about the older adults losing the keys, friends coming in and not being able to get in, and so many unrecognizable keys.

To keep up with the pace of the times, we must first start with the door lock. It is not only the guardian of the home but also a caring butler.

You don’t have to worry about the key being matched by others and concerned about being opened by a stranger. Hold out your finger! With a sound, the door opened.

This is the first step in the envisioned era of intelligence. I can’t miss it again!

Low-end fingerprint door lock price: Generally, this refers to a fingerprint door lock price that is less than $300 online and less than $400 offline.

Mid-end Fingerprint Door Lock Price: Generally, this refers to a fingerprint door lock price range of $400-$500 online and less than $600 offline.

High-end Fingerprint Door Lock Price: Whether you buy fingerprint locks online or offline, we focus on the price of more than $600.

Here are something that you have to pay attention to:

  • Door size: Be sure to consult customer service in advance to see if the door’s size at home is suitable for the fingerprint door lock.
  • Cylinder level: Be sure to choose a fingerprint lock with a C-level lock cylinder, which has a high safety factor!
  • Fingerprint recognition method: It is recommended to choose the scratch-type smart fingerprint lock
  • Choose a fingerprint lock with a true cylinder:  the keyhole is on the front, there is a gourd-shaped lock cylinder hole, the lock cylinder penetrates the lock body, the panel is damaged, and the lock cylinder still protects the lock body.
  • Select the virtual password function: A virtual password means your password is 123456, but you can also unlock it by entering 4312345687.
  • Choose a fingerprint lock with an IC door card: It is inconvenient to use fingerprints and passwords for older adults at home, so it is convenient for them to use a key card.

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